Custom Lineup Cards for your whole league.

You can order Custom Lineup Cards for your whole league, and still save some money too. Here’s how:

Decide how many cards you need for each team. Then, place one order for the total number of cards you need. Larger order, lower price per card. Then tell me what information you want on each card. Here’s an example below of what your card might look like.

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Ordering Custom Lineup Cards for Your League

Custom Lineup Cards are a great way to promote the positive spirit of your softball or baseball league.   I know many leagues are on a limited budget.  They leave it to the coaches to purchase little extras for their teams.  Here’s how Custom Lineup Cards can help your whole league.

If you want to order Custom Lineup Cards for every team in your league, your pricing will be the same as if you placed one large order for one team.  Yes you will be placing one large order, but Custom Lineup Cards allows you to customize a specified number of cards for each team.

Step 1.  Decide how many TOTAL cards you will need.  For example if you wanted to order 10 cards each for 10 teams, you would place an order for 100 cards.

Step 2.  Place your order for the TOTAL number of Custom Lineup Cards your league needs.

Step 3.  When redirected to the Information Upload Page, indicate that you are placing a LEAGUE order and tell us how many cards each for how many teams.  Provide us with each team’s name, coaches, etc.  Let us also know if you want the league name and the team names on the cards.

See how easy that is.  If you have any questions, you can email me.