Custom Lineup Cards FAQ

What is the process to order Custom Lineup Cards?

  1. Place the order for the quantity and style of lineup cards you want.
  2. Pay for your order on Pay Pal.
  3. You should be redirected back to my Information Upload page.
  4. Upload your team information and logo.
  5. I will design the cards and email you a proof.
  6. Once approved, the cards will be printed and mailed.

How long does it take to get my Custom Lineup Cards?

  • Depending upon your response to providing information and approving design, cards are usually mailed out within 24-48 hours.
  • Most orders are mailed via USPS Priority Mail so they should arrive within 2-3 days. The smaller orders (25) may be mailed via USPS 1st Class mail so may take one or two days longer.

If I give you a color logo, are the cards printed in color?

  • The cards are only printed in color if you order the color packages. Most cards are printed in black & white so a color logo will generally be a shade of gray.
  • I do very few color lineup card orders. It is more expensive to print color except on very large orders so most coaches choose to just stay with the black & white printed cards.

What size are the Custom Lineup Cards?

  • The cards are printed 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ minus slight trimming.

Do you offer other options than just the 4-Part NCR paper?

  • I can do 3-Part and 2-Part NCR paper if you wish. I do not have 5-Part NCR available at this time.

Are the cards with roster printed legal to use in all leagues, organizations, etc.?

  • The cards with rosters should be legal in all arenas of baseball and softball. Occasionally I will have an umpire question whether they are legal. Usually their partner will immediately say yes. I have travel teams, high schools, rec ball, and even colleges that order my Custom Lineup Cards.
  • The best way to present your cards at pregame is to write in your starting lineup as you normally would. Then, in the roster at the bottom of the cards, circle the number and/or name of the players who are the starters. The remaining players then are your subs. Don’t forget to cross out any players who are not present at that game.
  • I did have a middle school coach tell me last year that they could not use the roster cards in travel ball in NC. However, in speaking to a couple of organization officials I was told that there is no reason that they cannot be used.
  • I have found that most umpires like my Custom Lineup Cards because the wider card gives them more room to make their notes about substitutions.

What is your cancellation/change policy?

  • Changes can be made up until the cards are printed. Once you approve the design and cards are printed, there is a 50% charge to reprint the cards if you need to make some changes.
  • Once the cards are mailed, if you discover a mistake that you made in submitting the information, a new order must be placed.
  • Orders may be cancelled up until the time of proof and refund provided. Once a proof has been provided any refund amount is solely at my discretion.

What if I want to order cards for an entire league?

  • Order the package that provides enough cards for your league. Then you can use the Information Upload page to tell me how to divide the order between how many teams. Each team can have their team name and coaches listed on the cards.
  • This does not apply to the color packages, as all cards in the order must be the same.