Customer Design Submission

Here’s where you upload your information.Please provide information as you would have it appear on your cards. This may include team name, coach’s names, phone number, email, slogan, etc. You may also upload your team logo in a jpg or png format. Logos generally are placed in the center of the cards as a watermark.

Here are a couple tips:
1.  If choosing lineup cards with roster, you can submit your files in an excel spreadsheet file, or as text.

2.  Dark line logos work better.  If you logo is a light color on a dark background, I may have to invert the shades so it shows up better.

3.  Please NOTE, unless you ordered the COLOR lineup cards, cards are printed in regular black ink.  Color logos will be gray shaded unless we put them in the heading where they will print b/w.

If you have any questions about the design of your cards, you can send me an email to

Customer Name
Put the transaction order number from the Pay Pal shopping cart.
Type your team name here.
Type your coaches names and titles here. You can have one coach or multiple. Suggested no more than 4 coaches due to space limitations on cards.
Type in additional info you want on cards, such as slogan, team motto, phone number, etc.
If you have ordered Custom Lineup Cards with Roster, please provide your roster here. Please separate players with comma or dash.

Thank you.

Note:  This form is solely for the use of Custom Lineup Cards customers to submit their information for their order.  Any other submissions will be considered SPAM and will be dealt with accordingly.