Looking for Sponsors

The spring season will soon be upon us which means the busy season for CustomLineupCards.com.  

Every order that goes out has a packing slip and a promotion attached, including a coupon to encourage the customer to reorder and to tell others about CustomLineupCards.com.  The lineup cards are wrapped in paper as well.  I am looking for sponsors who would like to get their message out to baseball and softball coaches and parents.  If you would like to advertise either on the packing slip attachment or on the custom lineup cards wrapper, please contact me at coachmike@customlineupcards.com.  

Prices start at $100 for the 2023 year.  Your ad will be included in every order all year long.  But keep in mind, 80% of my business happens between January and April.  If you contact me now, I'll include your ad on any early orders through the end of 2022 as well.

Heres to having a great 2023 season.